Wide hips small waist

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Do you want your body to be shaped like a real life coke bottle? How many times have you prayed for a killer curvaceous body? Not all of us are born with the body of our dreams. These days most women would die for a tiny waist and wide hips. While it may see impossible to achieve, obtaining a small waistline and wide hips is possible.

Here's How To Get A Small Waist and Wide Hips

Small Waist and Big Hips

If your torso is skinnier than your hips and your waist is small and defined, you have a pear-shaped body type. Some styles of dresses might make your hips look big, but choosing the right style of dress can flatter your figure and fit comfortably. Dresses that accentuate and draw attention to your bust and shoulders balance out your hips and help turn your body into an hourglass figure. Emphasize your shoulders and balance out your hips by choosing a dress with a neckline that stretches wide horizontally, such as a boat neck, off-the-shoulder or an open V- or U-neckline. Dresses with structured shoulders, puffed sleeves and flutter sleeves also accentuate your shoulders. Dresses with bell sleeves or kimono sleeves draw more attention to your upper body and accentuate your curves by adding flow and volume to the arms. Choose a dress with a fitted waist.

What Style Dress Looks Good on a Small Waist & Big Hips?

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Some may do it just to end once for all the discriminations and to earn some privileges. Like marriage for example and many others. Even though you are so feminine and passable that nobody could tell, when you show your documents.