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Before making this list, I thought it will be fun, just seeing nasty whores doing nasty things, kinky sex and all that shit. However, by the time these dirty pornstars have discovered by me, my dick not only got limp, but I think I might have a permanent disability. On a more serious note, these are some of the most disgusting pornstars I have seen and while I did not go to the extremes, like shit eating, there are plenty of awful things for you to check out here anyway. If you are browsing this list while in church, praise the lord and god, have mercy on your soul.

Top 20: The Nastiest, Dirtiest & Kinkiest Pornstars (2020)

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There are multiple genres in porn where you can watch either the softcore, erotic lovemaking scenes or you could go for the hardcore, rough fucking scenes. Before we begin this list, I just want to mention that you are not going to see kinky pornstars that you already know of on this list. So, if you love watching hot women enjoying the roughest sex of their life, where they look gorgeous in the beginning but by the end, they are covered in cum, saliva and all kinds of bodily fluids, then this is the list you want to refer to! Also See: Hottest Brazzers Pornstars. Although Kristy Black has been in the industry since and has done dozens of scenes since then, I only discovered her a few months ago when I was looking for the most hardcore porn scenes. She started her career with a solo scene, followed by a lesbian scene and immediately after that, she did a double-penetration scene that ended with a creampie. That is enough to tell you just how kinky she could be!


Acting in porn movies can itself be a nasty thing for many people, but our loving porn stars do not think that way. They stretch their limit both physically and mentally and perform stuff for you that can be quite absurd, nasty and even filthy at times. However, these things have kept the porn industry moving from decades, and one cannot deny the perverted pleasure they obtain when they a see a beautiful babe do all those kinky and dirty things that burst a volcano of lust in you. Today we are presenting before your top 20 nastiest and dirtiest porn stars who have ever stepped in the porn industry. These babes are not just slutty, but they uplift the porn to a whole new level and do things which you cannot even imagine them to be doing.
Everybody needs a little romance from time to time. Although then again, many of us like to skip all the sexual niceties and fuck like beasts. Hit those upvote and downvote buttons, influencing the kinkiest pornstars list!