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Sporting events are intense, competitive affairs that offer sparse moments of humor while they are played, which is why nothing is as funny during a game as a wardrobe malfunction. It doesn't matter what the malfunction might be—misspellings, pants dropping, jerseys tearing—it is wildly entertaining, mostly because it is wildly unexpected. And so, in honor of some of the most dishonorable uniform gaffes in sports, we present the 25 worst wardrobe malfunctions in sports. Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair. And if you are Eugenio Velez, make sure they spelled San Francisco correctly on your jersey.

Most shocking wardrobe malfunctions in sports

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Kerri Walsh, considered one of the greatest beach volleyball players of all time, found out for herself when she dove into the sand to reach for a ball, causing her bikini bottoms to slide down just enough to reveal the top of her buttocks. Gillian Cooke represents Scotland in track and field and bobsled. Just as she was about to take off, she leaned back and ripped her suit wide open, revealing her bare bottom to everyone behind her, including the cameraman. She would go on to finish the race in seventh overall.

The 25 Worst Wardrobe Malfunctions in Sports

The Beijing Olympics in was the tournament Tom Daley made his mark on the world — but another diver had an equally Hot sports wardrobe malfunctions uncensored Games. Olympic diver Jenifer Benitez was simply adjusting her swimsuit during the London Summer Olympics, but her timing was off as cameras caught a glimpse of her breast and it was aired for the world to see. Are you at least 18 years old?
Ah, the wardrobe malfunction. But these days, with paparazzi as prevalent as they are the wardrobe malfunction is relatively common. Possibly the most notorious celebrity wardrobe malfunction of all time, at the American Music Awards last year. It wouldn't be a wardrobe malfunction slideshow without a Mariah Carey sighting.