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I was constantly trying to hook my sister up with better dudes, but she was in love with that fool. The thing I hated the most about him was that he was always asking to smoke my weed. That shit had to end or we were gonna end up fighting. Nobody fucks with my weed without consequences. That dude really likes you. You know how them DL dudes talk to each other and share ass with each other.

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Additional Info: Im a tumblr reject. I was mattietheboy on tumblr. Very much into showing off my dick. Please let me know if there are any other good places to post my pics.

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Anywho, I think hannibalssketchbook pretty much filled your prompt perfectly…so I put a little spin on it. For Science! Nigel smiled when he heard the four precise knocks on his door.
The main storyline consists of about 5 episodes, the rest of them being episodic individual stories. Some of the non-main episodes focus on a character and their past, and this is good, but most of them are completely pointless and could be removed without anybody noticing. One of them was about fighting an alien-fungus-fridge-monster, it was an interesting and silly parody of Alien, but it contributed nothing to plot or character development. There was also an entire episode paying homage to blaxploitation. Like I said, hit or miss.