Sex at sporting events

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Because you probably are — and that goes double for your girlfriend. Every sports fan knows what it is like to get a little carried away. Some have the tendency to unleash a flurry of expletives when the ref makes a bad call. Others have the tendency to run onto the field or go swimming in places where swimming is not allowed. And others still like to get wasted and engage in fisticuffs.

More Horny Baseball Fans Were Filmed Getting It on During Opening Day

Human Trafficking and Major Sporting Events: The Dark Side of the Super Bowl - ACAMS Today

Remember that classic footage of a Fenway Park threesome from the early '90s that mysteriously appeared on YouTube last month? We asked that you send us tips about similar footage, and one reader mailed us DVD compilation of stadium smut that's apparently part of broadcasting lore. Hey, I got some real old school "C roll" video that's been passed around throughout the years that you may want to use for your site. There is some pretty good stuff on here. The video is like 30 minutes but could def be edited down into smaller clips.

Finally, Someone Explains All the Sex Going on At Sporting Events

The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle football reporter Sal Maiorana has a story up today about how fan misbehavior in the parking lot outside Buffalo Bills games is concerning team execs — Bills fans were apparently rated 1 in drunkenness in , which is impressive both because of the baseline and as something that can actually be measured — which naturally enough segues into a discussion of how Buffalo could solve this by building the team a new stadium with fewer parking lots:. Of course, much of the nonsense in the parking lots would go away if and when the Bills build a new stadium in downtown Buffalo because with so little space to park, the tailgate experience would almost cease to exist. Can we maybe somehow blame the Buffalo accent on it, too? Crazier arguments have been made!
It is the largest non-global annual sporting event, bringing hundreds of thousands of rowdy fans from across the world together to spend large sums of money. These out-of-town partiers stimulate local economies and are often harmless. However, they also attract more nefarious types of citizens into these host cities: those who lead and promote human trafficking HT rings. HT is a multi-billion-dollar industry and a serious global issue that cannot be ignored.