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In their initial encounter, Lux meets her when he saved her from the collapsing ceiling of the bathhouse, which he fell into from the roof. Unfortunately for him, when he saved her he accidentally bumped into a naked Lisha that led to his temporary arrest under her decree. It also did not help that Lux saw the crest of the Old Empire burned on her naked stomach, which Lisesharte quickly covers. Lux then blurted out a pick-up line, which he learned from a bar owner during his time as a bar waiter, which flattered her but she still hated him for being still on top of her.

Lux Arcadia

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He was a prince of the Old Arcadia Empire , but helped overthrow it in a rebellion five years ago. He later met with the princess of the New Kingdom Atismata , Lisesharte , when he accidentally broke into the bathroom of the girl's dormitory. He is the user of the Divine Drag-Ride Bahamut. Lux is a handsome young man with silver hair and grey eyes, traits of the Arcadia Empire's imperial family. He wears a black collar as a sign of his servitude to the New Kingdom Atismata. When he met Celis, he had to crossdress in the female academy uniform and wear straight black wig calling himself Luno. Lux has a very kind personality, being willing to help anyone.

Lisesharte Atismata

A episode anime television series adaptation by Lerche aired between January 11 and March 28, Five years ago, a revolt has overthrown the Arcadia empire. The empire's former prince, Lux Arcadia, accidentally trespasses in a female-only bathing area, and witnesses the new kingdom's princess Lisesharte Atismata naked and her secret.
She is also the former slave of Old Arcadia Empire. Lisesharte is a beautiful young woman with a beautiful face, white skin, and crimson eyes. She has long blonde hair which is usually tied in a ponytail on the left side.