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This can make the skin red and irritated. Change the dressings when they start to look dirty. If these steps do not help, tell the clinical nurse specialist or another member of your St. Jude team. They can give you creams and dressings that can help. If your child still has problems, talk to your St.


BD Vacutainer® EDTA Tubes FAQ - BD

This page addresses a number of common site problems, including granulation tissue, infection, and leakage. Most are easily resolved, though some children may have ongoing issues. Granulation tissue is typically red or pink soft tissue that appears bumpy or almost bubbly in nature. It can bleed very easily and may grow quite rapidly. However, while granulation tissue may be bothersome, it is not dangerous and it is not an infection. Your doctor can use Silver Nitrate to cauterize or remove the tissue, or may prescribe steroid creams, such as Triamcinolone Kenalog ointment.

Granulation Tissue, Infection, and Leakage

EDTA stands for Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid. EDTA functions by binding calcium in the blood and keeping the blood from clotting. K2EDTA is spray-dried on the walls of the tube and will not dilute the sample. It is important to mix the sample 8 - 10 times immediately after collection to ensure all the anticoagulant is thoroughly mixed with the blood sample. The differences are the types of closures and the labeling.
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