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The story revolves around Kenzo Tenma , a Japanese surgeon living in Germany whose life enters turmoil after getting himself involved with Johan Liebert , one of his former patients, who is revealed to be a dangerous serial killer. Urasawa later wrote and illustrated the novel Another Monster , a story detailing the events of the manga from an investigative reporter's point of view, which was published in The manga and anime were both been licensed by Viz Media for English releases in North America, and the anime was broadcast on several television channels. In , Siren Visual licensed the anime for Australia. Monster has been critically acclaimed, with the manga winning several awards, and its anime adaptation called one of the best of the decade. Tenma is dissatisfied with the political bias of the hospital in treating patients, and seizes the chance to change things after a massacre brings fraternal twins Johan and Anna Liebert into the hospital.

Monster x Monster (manga)

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The story of small children teamed up with monster companions is not exactly a new concept. The fact that this genre is so overcrowded makes something special like Tomodachi x Monster even more refreshing, even subversive. One day elementary student Wataru meets Peke, a small blob-like creature with its mouth sewn shut. I love a manga brimming with blood and gore, and Tomodachi x Monster perfectly satisfies my needs. The art is deliciously detailed when it comes to showing just how much damage these monsters do against the fragile bodies of human children. The first volume included depictions of a boy burned to near death, a human centipede-like creature made of discarded corpses and a girl sliced to pieces with her intestines spilling out onto the ground. Just looking at how graphic these images are lets me know that Yoshihiko Inui was fully committed to the concept.

Richard is a detective who quit the police force when he shot a criminal while on duty and has run himself into ruin. But reinvestigating some unsolved cases, he begins to put his life back together Tenma is running through the town in the pouring rain with Franz Bonaparta, also known as Klaus Poppe, in order to save Inspector Lunge, who has gone off to arrest Roberto. The boy Wim comes to them The story of the picture book that terrified Johan is revealed.
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