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Luka's question carried nicely in the sweet sea breeze. The fake hero and Monster Lord were taking a relaxing stroll through Sentora Beach. With the recent revelation of the Orbs and their purpose, Luka sought the sphere that resided with the Queen of the Southern Seas. This didn't stop them from bantering along the way, though. Alice paused in her tracks before responding with, "Since you forced me to only choose one, I would eat Shooting a surprised glance at his traveling companion, Luka raised an eyebrow.

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Monster girls have been popular in Japan for quite some time now and are steadily gaining popularity as people become more attracted to inhuman entities. All of this is well and good, expect for the fact that Monster Girl Quest Complete is not based on any manga, nor will it be adapted into an anime series although one could always hope any time soon. Instead, the Monster Girl Quest began as a project from a small development team by the name of Torotoro Resistance and it was released in parts throughout the last couple of years. The game begins with the player taking on the role of a young man by the name of Luka who sets off to begin a very common quest in most role-playing games, which is mainly to be baptized by a god-like figure and to defeat the dark lord, or in this case the Goddess Ilias and the Monster Lord, respectively. But upon having ran out into the middle of the woods like an idiot, and armed with a short sword that is rather useless at best, the youth runs into a snake-like monster. You see, according to the accompanied Monsterpedia, the majority of monsters live off male sperm as a form of nourishment.

Game Review: Monster Girl Quest Complete: “LOSE AND GET RAPED!”

When it comes to erotic games, Monster Girl Quest tries a bit harder than most. While seeing some very nicely drawn girls get naked and dirty is great. That is what this game does very well and today we are seeing just why this is one of the most popular erotic games around. I like the idea and the game does have a tongue in cheek kind of way about it. In all honesty, though I am not percent sure this is intentional.
When the player loses in a battle, they have the option to pick Evaluation with Goddess Ilias giving a small overview on the battle and how to defeat an enemy. However, she often chides the player for succumbing to lust, as if they were intentionally losing. As the game progresses, she grows increasingly weary, sometimes breaking the fourth wall. Her comments begin to regard Luka as a pervert, foodstuff, and a slave to the monsters he encounters, steadily increasing the amount of insults as the story proceeds. Her descriptions of the battles are usually vague and insulting, providing little or no help at all.