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For fans — and they are legion — Minecraft YouTube videos are a huge part of their enjoyment of the game. Although you could download an app such as KicVidz , which curates only kid-friendly Minecraft videos, you know your little fanatic will be begging — and searching YouTube — for more. Even kid-friendly videos come with a few caveats. First, with many clocking in at 20 or 30 minutes, they can be a major time suck. Second, many have commercials that advertise products from cars to cookies to vodka. Here are the top 10 best-for-kids YouTube Minecraft channels.

Parents! Focus less on worrying about Minecraft and more on understanding it

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The soundtrack of the Mojang video game Minecraft was primarily composed by German musician Daniel Rosenfeld, better known as C Later on in the game's history, Lena Raine composed 4 tracks for the game. The game's soundtrack is mostly instrumental ambient music. It has been praised by critics; [2] in , the video game blog Kotaku chose the soundtrack as one of the best video game soundtracks of that year. Both albums include music featured in the game, as well as other music included in trailers, and instrumentals that were not included in the game's final release. In a panel at MineCon in , Rosenfeld stated that he has had a long-term interest in video games, and was involved with several video game communities. Both were impressed by each other's work, and eventually Persson chose to pair Rosenfeld's music with his game.

Should parents ever worry about Minecraft?

Ahhh, music. The thing that brings people together, puts words, chords, or beats to our deepest emotions, and inspires us to attempt outlandish haircuts to signal group allegiance looking at you, Thomas circa But also: ahhh, music.
Should parents ever worry about Minecraft? He does make some points worth talking about in a much more balanced and less adversarial way. Parenting, judging by my experience with my five and seven year-old sons, is about a worrying constantly, and b trying to make informed decisions about setting boundaries in response to those worries. My seven year-old would happily play Angry Birds Star Wars games for hours on the tablet if left unchecked. Tablet time lasts for 15 minutes every evening; Bear Yoyo packets are rationed; stories are read; different albums played whatever the howls of protest from the back seat; and TV time is also carefully managed.