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Kizuna AI has been a major force in Japanese fandom over the last few years. The top VTuber went from virtual gamer and commentator to global celebrity and ambassador. She has her own Nendoroids , has appeared in live concerts and video game collaborations, and even has guest spots in anime. But as many fans know, the actress who originated the character is no longer in the role. Fortunately, the founding AI is doing great for herself as a voice actress, and is even getting recognition for her role now!

Original Kizuna AI Voice Actress Nozomi Kasuga to be Advisor for Newly Formed Kizuna AI Co., Ltd.

What Is Kizuna AI's Original Voice Actress up to Now?

Virtual YouTuber Kizuna Ai's subscriber count on the Chinese streaming website Bilibili has been taking a dive since August 6, when two videos posted on Kizuna Ai's YouTube channel showed the character with an "ahegao", an expression of sexual arousal often depicted in pornographic manga. In the comments of these videos, fans have called the depictions a disrespect to Kizuna Ai's original character. Coupled with rumors that the Multiple A. Comments on Bilibili's video regarding the issue are being moderated. Any comment containing Activ8 the name of the corporate group Kizuna Ai belongs to or its abbreviation A8 are made invisible to other users. Chinese fans are expressing their displeasure about the situation by unsubscribing from the channel entirely.

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