I dont get morning wood anymore

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The medical term is nocturnal penile tumescence. Some call it having a nocturnal erection. Nocturnal penile tumescence NPT is not a result of sexual arousal or having a dream relating to sex. Instead, it is a normal function of the male reproductive system.

If You Don’t Have Morning Wood, You Might Have a Health Problem

Should you worry if you don't get morning wood?

Morning erections are completely normal and healthy. They occur in men of all ages and could be the result of one of several processes, from brain relaxation to changes in your sex hormone levels as you sleep. Morning wood is normally a good indicator that your vascular and nervous system is functioning properly. Morning erections are caused by several different processes. However, experts believe there are three different key factors. The first factor in morning wood is the hormonal change that occurs in your body while you sleep.

What is 'morning wood,' and why does it happen?

You actually get around 5 erections per night, each sticking around for about 25 minutes. Known medically as nocturnal penile tumescence, morning wood is a strong indicator for good sexual and overall health. Your brain relaxes whilst you sleep, reducing the release of chemicals which stop you getting hard in your day to day life.
From time to time, men may wake up with an erect penis. This is most common in younger men, although men of all ages may experience NPT. Morning wood is likely the response your body has to one of several natural occurrences. The cause of NPT is likely multifactorial. Doctors have a few theories that help explain why men wake up with an erect penis from time to time, but none of these theories are supported by concrete, medical evidence.