Gymnast split uniform rips

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Every four years, the Summer Olympics rolls around, and the world tunes into to cheer on their country! In the 28 sports and events that make up the pinnacle of athletic competition, arguably the most popular is gymnastics. These athletes fly through the air, flipping, spinning, and sometimes falling, captivating viewers across the globe. While the men have had their fair share of fame, the biggest moments in gymnastics have been accomplished by women. Nadia Comaneci achieved the first ever "Perfect 10" on the balance beam in Montreal.

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Gymnast Leotard Rips At Olympics - Cumception

In this image a Spanish swimmer has an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction when swimming. Unfortunately her whole came out of Factsverse her swim suit, just as a questionable sports photographer snapped a picture of her. Luckily, she was able to cover herself back up rather quickly, but not before this photo was taken. She defiantly does not look pleased with her little accident.

Gymnast Rips Leotard Splits Open

Shawn Machel Johnson is one of the most be-medaled gymnasts of the United States. She was an Olympian in where she won the gold on the balance beam. She has had numerous unfortunate moments when she showed more than what she should.
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