Cersei lannister gif hunt

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I have sinned and must atone, must parade my shame before the eyes of every beggar in the city. They think that this will break my pride, that it will make an end to me, but they are wrong. I lost my first boy. A little black-haired beauty.

Bran was the Younger,more Beautiful Queen guys. It is known.

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Forced to become a septa. Becomes a hostage at Winterfell and spends the rest of her life annoying the Starks until she becomes their weird drunk aunt with bad life advice. Also Cersei: Tommen is going to be wonderful at jousting just like his father Jaim…bert. Do straight people know how much of an iconic lesbian heartthrob Lena Headey is? So sad. It pisses me off that Lena Headey carried the first seven seasons of GoT on her back and Emilia Clarke carried the shit show that was season 8, and they will never be officially recognized for it. Fandom in general: how many months have really passed since Cersei announced her pregnancy?

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