Blown glass sex toys

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For many who are new to the sex toy market, glass sex toys might seem pretty daunting at first. However, glass sex toys, such as the Icicles range from Pipedream , are made of medical grade borosilicate glass. This makes them completely safe to use and feel sensual against the skin. Glass sex toys are great for those who prefer firmer stimulation, as they are not flexible like many silicone products.

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Glass Dildos - Hand Blown Glass Dildos & Luxury Glass Sex Toys

Glass Dildos bring the beauty of hand-blown glass to a sensually luxurious sex toy designed to please while providing visual stimuli. Considered high-end, these glass dildos are for the kinky couple or trend-setting sensualist who wants to try the finer side of sex toys. Aurora Borealis Crystal Twist Dildo. Beautifully handcrafted glass spirals around in almost a screw like pattern, created for the purpose of stimulating all of your internal nerve endings as it twists deeper

Glass Sex Toys - What You Need to Know

There are now over one million Etsy shops, from all over the world, promoting a wide variety of aesthetics. Like Pinterest. But click off its tastefully curated front page, and Etsy is not so innocent.
When we know how shady many sex toy companies can be and how they can say whatever they want about their product without the need for truth in advertising, people naturally get skeptical regarding the true safety of glass sex toys. I figured out how to run the test at home, cheaply, and then proceeded to spend more than a few dollars buying various brands to test. I have always received questions about the relative safety of inexpensive glass sex toys and I can finally give you some more in-depth answers.