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United States About Youtuber My purpose on this channel is to help others like I have been helped over the years. I want more people to get into ham radio and I am here to offer my advice and help as many others have offered to me. Not only do I love ham radio, I love bringing it to others! I create ham radio training videos as well as videos on other ham radio topics, including technical and operating topics. My goal is to help those new to ham radio progress through the ranks and enjoy the hobby to its fullest. I'm an engineer and radio amateur.


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Amateur television ATV is the transmission of broadcast quality video and audio over the wide range of frequencies of radio waves allocated for radio amateur Ham use. Ham TV stations were on the air in many cities before commercial television stations came on the air. ATV includes the study of building of such transmitters and receivers , and the study of radio propagation of signals travelling between transmitting and receiving stations. ATV is an extension of amateur radio. In North America , amateur radio bands that are suitable for a television signal wide enough to fit such a signal are higher in frequency than VHF broadcast TV. The lowest frequency ham band suitable for television transmission is 70 centimeters , which is between broadcast channels 13 and For more sensitive reception, some users may use a purposely-built ATV down-converter, which is a kind of set-top-box.

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