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The first comes down to practicality, and the next nine come down to technical concerns and aesthetics. Does your sales guy cost less because you are already paying for the time he spends doing it? And which is he or she better at, sales or video production? And if the lower cost proposed by the nephew or the college kid looks attractive, what exactly are you expecting as an end result? Have they ever DONE anything like this before?

How to make more professional-looking homemade videos

Amateur videos: How To Make Homemade Videos Look More Professional

By Hotmart. With smartphones and quality compact cameras, it has become much easier to record homemade videos for the web. Just go to YouTube and you will find a huge number of channels that produce the most varied content. Even large companies have used these materials in their strategies to promote their products and brands. Also, the possibility of producing videos on a smaller scale has greatly benefited the online course market.

Homemade YouTube videos making families big money: £100,000 a year

Homemade videos of babies giggling, cute kittens and sneezing pandas are earning thousands of pounds for families on the internet as they cash in on a stream of advertising revenue. Hit: Harry Davies-Carr, three, looks at his sore finger which was bitten by his cheeky one-year-old brother Charlie. The video has become an internet sensation.
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