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The year-old wanted to change the perception that porn stars are 'racking' in money saying that it's 'completely untrue'. This led to a fellow Pornhub star opening up about her own experiences. Stephanie Vixen is a year-old 'amateur adult film star' who started a Reddit thread to explain that she made 'as much as Mia Khalifa in one month than she did in her entire career'. Stephanie claims that she hasn't started the conversation to 'brag' but simply wants to explain her situation: that you CAN make good money in the porn industry, citing Pornhub as a main source of that.

Former Adult Actress Mia Khalifa Sets the Record Straight on Earning 'Millions From Porn'

Mia Khalifa Biography

Mia Khalifa is a Lebanese American pornstar. She also works as an adult model. Mia Khalifa is currently the most-viewed pornstar on Pornhub. She joined the Adult industry last year in She has already made a name for herself. Mia Khalifa is also involved in a controversial video. That video is one of the reasons for her popularity.

Adult Film Star, 19, 'Made As Much As Mia Khalifa' In One Month Than She Did In Entire Porn Career

Born in Beirut , she moved to Maryland in She began acting in pornography in October , becoming the most viewed performer on Pornhub in two months. Her career choice was met with controversy in the Middle East, especially for a video in which she performed sexual acts while wearing a hijab. Khalifa was born in Beirut on February 10, , [1] and moved with her family to the United States in January , [5] [6] leaving their home in the wake of the South Lebanon conflict. We wanted to embrace it.
Sign up today for the best stories straight to your inbox. The year-old Lebanese-American actress and social media personality only worked in the adult industry for three months. The Texas-based sports commentator took to social media to address some of the common misconceptions about her time as an adult actress. She wrote: "Common misconception is that I've been making millions and millions from residuals for the work I did. Sharing a clip on Twitter, she added: "Difficulty finding a normal job after quitting porn was