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Soulmate ay : where minutes are written on the wrist. They mean how much time is left to meet a soulmate. Akechi refuses to admit AkiRen is his soulmate until a really bad fight when he ends up summoning Arsene. I recently found out about akeshu week!!!! How terribly late I was, but I will try to catch up with the others!

Joker (P5)

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Morgana: That burger has way more than the recommended number of calories and even more cholesterol. And same goes for the other three, Joker is a teenager. Kasumi :…. Originally posted by renxamamiya. Originally posted by summingthatup. Man as soon as Joker point the gun at Pixie I was expecting the Demi-fiend to come in and bitchslap him. He does things so dramatically.

Persona 5 / Joker

Good thing they said sumthin, eh? Hey, everyone, this is FlOrangey. I just want to give a huge thank you to everyone who has pre-ordered the Crimson Compendium.
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