Naked in town

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A NAKED woman pranced around a city during a bizarre social experiment that seemed to shock viewers more than the participants. Sign up today for the best stories straight to your inbox. The clip begins showing a stunning brunette walking around Prague city centre, the capital of the Czech Republic, in the nude, attempting to gauge the reaction to her provocative state of undress. Walking around the cobbled streets, tourists also exploring the city offer her little more than a cursory glance as she goes about her business.

Welcome to 'Naked City', the world's largest nudist town

10 Places in The World Where You Can go NAKED And it is Completely NORMAL

Could there ever be a naked metropolis? Phil Hoad exposes himself to nude urbanism. We were born naked, but no one shows you the way back. What now? A stark forecourt stretches out imposingly ahead. Is there somewhere to change, I ask the guard on the gate, as a group of baseball-capped lads stride blithely through.

Woman Walks Around Town Naked But Nobody Notices

One of my favourites is the time Cristiano Ronaldo dressed up as a 'homeless man' and had a kick-about with a little lad in Spain. He removed his glasses and wig to reveal he was in fact the football megastar in disguise and the brilliant moment was captured by the boy's cousin on his camera phone. Now social media account Viproom HK has got a naked woman, wearing no pants, to cover herself in body paint to see if people noticed her walking around Hong Kong. There have been some weird social experiments uploaded in their time.
Also Read - Guys Only Trip? Ever dreamt of shedding all your inhibitions and going all out? Companies like eWaterways and Bare Necessities Tour and Travel offer the best nude cruises and clothing-optional vacations. So the naturist in you can bask under the warm sun on the deck of the cruise wearing nothing but a smile. Germany has legalized public nudity and it has six urban naked zones, all located in Parkland, for anyone who wishes to enjoy nature in the buff because, well, nudity is cool.