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The relationship between Tony Soprano and Dr. Melfi has been debated even after the show concluded. This bipolar relationship proves more than complicated, as in one moment Tony may profess his love for her, and the next he is shouting and shoving her in anger. But each brought out deep-rooted issues in the other that would have otherwise remained suppressed, giving their relationship the ability to grow as The Sopranos progressed. From the start of The Sopranos , the two could not have been more opposite. Melfi came from a wealthy background, growing up in Essex Falls, New Jersey where she was often times sheltered from the outside world.

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Tony and Carmela's sex lives heat up. In a meandering episode, Tony steals Ralphie's hot new galpal while Carmela and Furio ponder the deadly risks of adultery, says Bruce Fretts. Or was he merely on the rebound after finding out his ex-mistress Irina is sleeping with Assemblyman Zellman?
Skip navigation! Story from TV Shows. The story of Tony Soprano James Gandolfini and his Family both literal and figurative has become so ubiquitous to our culture that it feels both banal and daunting to first-time viewers.