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Butters' Creamy Goo was an athletic enhancement that was featured in the Season Sixteen episode, " Sarcastaball ". When Cartman desperately asks for Butters ' help to become a better sarcastaball player, Butters shows him a closet filled of jars of his "creamy goo", which are, in reality, the semen from his nocturnal emissions. Cartman ingests a jar of the "creamy goo", and believes that it made him feel better. This method soon becomes popular among other team players. As its popularity increases, a sports drink named Butters' Creamy Goo is commercialized.

Trey Parker: Eric Cartman, Stan Marsh

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South Park. Tags: Butters Butters' Parents. Watch Random Episode. South Park S16 E3. Cartman refuses to bow to the new fad, and instead pulls off the greatest "Hilling" ever seen.
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