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Who is Huck Finnigan on Netflix's 'Ratched'? Meet Charlie Carver. Where is Down Hall? Over half a dozen men will die for this.

Road House (1989).

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Skip to Content. Dalton is a smart college graduate who beats up rowdy drunks for a living. He stays calm in difficult situations and never backs down in the face of violence. The movie is a series of fight scenes staged between moments of dialogue, dancing, and sex. Men beat each other with bottles, sticks, fists, and spears. Men shoot each other. A home and a place of business are burned in arson fires.

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I hesitate to recommend it, because so much depends on the ironic vision of the viewer. This is not a good movie. But viewed in the right frame of mind, it is not a boring one, either. Road House opens in the tradition of the gunslinger-for-hire Western with the mysterious stranger coming to a new town and taking on the tyrant that is ruling it with fear. Our introduction to Dalton shows us that whilst Road House may stretch the limits of realism somewhat, that Dalton is far from being in the mould of the invincible superhero.
Decades later the movie is still looked upon fondly… to borrow a phrase from the old TBS days, Road House is a movie for guys who like movies. The story in Road House is simple… the number one bouncer in the bar biz, Dalton Patrick Swayze , is hired to clean up The Double Deuce, a bar in small town Missouri that has been run amok by trouble making thugs. But things escalate when Dalton finds out that many of the troublemakers are on the payroll of the most powerful man in town, Brad Wesley Ben Gazzara. Teague, Fists of Iron … and that ending. Tags: Marshall R.