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Nona Willis Aronowitz writes a regular column for Teen Vogue about sex, dating and relationships. Aronowitz urged readers to begin by showing the nude pictures to the partner in person. The final step, she wrote, would be to send the nude picture digitally. Happy sexting! Can you deal with the picture being sent to your parents?

Teen girls describe pressure from boys to send nude photos

Teen Vogue Tells Girls How to Send Boys Nude Photos – ‘Happy Sexting!’ - Michael Foust

As with most situations like this, the onus usually gets put on the victim to stop doing something: succumbing to pressure, acting a certain way, complying to demands — but there's been a shift in thinking, especially after a bright light has been placed on men in positions of power in the media. I'm glad to hear that you're using it for teachable moments and worrying about how to affect your son's behavior as opposed to wondering how to stop the girl on the other end of the phone. While she also needs to learn how to react when pressured to send illicit photos, the onus far often needs to be on the boys' side to stop the behavior. Even in my own research for this post, I noticed the immediate switch to educating the girl in the situation. Try Googling "how to stop teen boys from asking for nudes" and see how almost all of the results are something to the effect of "15 responses to use when someone asks you to send nude," "Dear Teen Girl, Please Read My Story Before You Send Those Nudes," and "How can I get a guy to stop asking for nudes?

'Why Kids Sext' Describes Nude Photos As 'Social Currency' Among Teens

By Sam Mcevoy For Mailonline. Thousands of British teenagers are selling their own naked pictures and videos online — making ridiculous sums of money each month in the process, an investigation has found. The use of social media websites like Twitter and Snapchat are also being used to help boost and promote profiles in a bid to earn more cash while making the most successful on the site millionaires in no time. One user named Lauren, from Northamptonshire, spoke to the BBC to reveal how she went on to become one of the British-based website's top earners in the world in a short period of time.
In April, residents of Louisa County, Va. When Hanna Rosin asked teens from Louisa County High School how many people they knew who had sexted, a lot of them replied: "Everyone. In her report on the Louisa County scandal for The Atlantic, Rosin set out to address the question, why are so many teenagers sending each other nude photos? How much does teen sexting have to do with actual sex? How should parents, and communities, respond?