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No matter how dark the night, morning always comes, and our journey begins anew. She is one of Yuna 's guardians. Since Lulu grew up with Yuna in Besaid , she and Wakka view her as a younger sister. Lulu was Wakka's brother Chappu 's girlfriend, and still grieves over his death. Her stoic and self-possessed nature makes her seem insensitive, but conceals a gentleness underneath. She is instrumental in supporting Tidus to adjust to the world of Spira , although she does not initially believe his claim of hailing from Zanarkand.

Lulu (Final Fantasy X)

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Print Friendly. Powers and Abilities Lulu is a highly experienced Guardian. She has protected Summoners on three separate pilgrimages, even though the first ended in disaster and the second failed.. In the realm of Final Fantasy she would be classed as a Black Mage. This means that she is physically weak, but possesses an endless array of offensive magic capabilities as well as some support abilities. She is also adept at dodging attacks. Lulu is a beautiful full figured woman with long intricately braided jet black hair, brown eyes, and a ghostly white complexion.

Final Fantasy X/Lulu

Lulu is principally a guardian of summoners, and although having grown up on Besaid Island has accompanied 2 summoners on their pilgrimages before the journey with Yuna. Her first summoner Lady Ginnem died on the pilgrimage, which still haunts Lulu to this day, whereas the second Father Zuke mutually agreed with Lulu to give up his pilgrimage when they reached the Calm Lands. Lulu was romantically involved with Wakka's younger brother Chappu before he was killed in a battle with Sin after joining the Crusaders. Again this clearly still affects Lulu, although the sexual tension between her and Wakka is not only clear throughout the game but explicitly mentioned on various occasions often by Tidus.
She is one of Yuna 's guardians. Lulu's stoic and self-possessed nature makes her seem insensitive at times, but she has a hidden bit of gentleness underneath. She specializes in the art of Black Magic, using various dolls to help cast powerful spells.