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What a way to drum up business. The big joke is that the boys, far from being worldly wise , are pretty clueless. Sometimes that joke wears thin. But mostly their ignorance is bliss. As someone who used to think anal and doggystyle sex were one and the same until I was, er, 22 I was laughing with the gang, not at them.

My Father Raped Me And I’m Better Off Because Of It

My Father Raped Me And I’m Better Off Because Of It | Thought Catalog

That happens to me as a writer a lot. I was writing for an audience, puffing out phrases I thought people could relate to. My story is solely that. I need to tell it, raw and unformulated: the glorious, gory truth. I really loved my Dad, so much so that I was blind to his shortcomings, or at least I ignored them because he always cooked the best steaks and played the coolest songs on the guitar. He hated paying child support, drank too much, smoked two packs of cigarettes a day, and sat around a lot complaining about being poor. While guzzling a twenty dollar bottle of liquor.

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