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The parents of Jessica Logan, a teen who committed suicide a month after graduating from high-school, are suing their daughter's ex-boyfriend, who circulated among his friends a nude photo of Jessica that she had "sexted" sent via text message to him while they were dating. Jessica's parents are also suing the school she attended, Sycamore High,for negligence, as well as several of the teens to whom Jessica's boyfriend showed the picture, for "severe" emotional harassment. The suit was filed in Ohio by Cynthia and Albert Logan who say that the students' "degrading sexual insults" caused their year-old daughter Jessica, their only child, severe emotional distress, which led her to kill herself in July , a month after graduating from high school. The complaint filed by the teen's parents names the city, school district, ex-boyfriend, and the friends to whom he purportedly sent the picture. The couple are seeking punitive damages for discrimination, civil rights violations, the invasion of privacy, and emotional distress, reports the Courthouse News Service. The Courthouse News Service explains ,.

Sexting, the Jesse Logan case, and what schools can do

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America's Right To Vote. Six people were charged in connection to her death. Austin Renaud is facing the single charge of statutory rape, while five others face charges including criminal harassment and violation of civil rights resulting in bodily injury, according to the The Springfield, Mass. Republican newspaper. In this Jan.

Jessica Logan: Family of girl who committed suicide over naked pictures get $154,000 from school

During this social media revolution we are in today, most teens are very comfortable documenting their lives on social media channels. All communication is just a click away at rapid-fire. Most know what sexting is, but for those who do not, it is when people take and send sexually revealing pictures of themselves or send sexually explicit messages via text message. There have been some high-profile cases involving sexting.
By Lydia Warren. Jessica Logan hanged herself in her Cincinnati, Ohio bedroom in July after pictures she had shared with her former boyfriend were forwarded to four girls at Sycamore High School. After the images began circulating around the school, Jessica became the victim of bullying and harassment from fellow students, causing her to repeatedly skip school, her parents said.