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With over 20 years of experience, he has developed a strong portfolio of local and international clientele across Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Having understood the nuances of the Sri Lankan legal system and its structures, he is a deal execution expert with a strong reputation for delivering practical, commercial solutions to otherwise complex legal issues. He was also involved in a Presidential Commission of Inquiry on certain politically and economically sensitive matters. His scope coupled with his ability to deliver tailor made solutions has helped the Firm consolidate its position as a Tier 1 Law Firm in Dispute resolution. He also specialises on issues relating to the applicability of duty and other levies for software and other forms of intellectual property, and has led the Firm alongside Mr. He has been at the fore-front of a number of noteworthy transactions in the digital space, providing advisory services and end-to-end solutions during setting up of payment gateways and the migration of data into modern digital systems, in a constantly evolving legal landscape of E - commerce.

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View our online product gallery. About this program Over 20 years ago, we initiated the Handcraft Project in support of an Indian development program that offered job training in traditional handcrafts to women at risk. Although we began as a service project, our goal was always "help for self-help". It was a joy when the women registered their craft societies with the Indian government in , forming an independent non-profit organization of their own.
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