Adult ballet camp

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Summer workshops are a great way to keep up your dancing all year. Once thought to be a forum only for youths, more summer dance programs are becoming available to adults. If the prospect of dancing beside a group of highly skilled teenagers is not what you envisioned, it is possible to attend a workshop designed solely for adults. These inspiring programs bolster your confidence in an age-appropriate setting. They may be tougher to find, however, and the inevitably large class sizes may be overwhelming to the more shy. Summer workshops combine a variety of classes designed to make you a better dancer.

Tickets & Performances

Ballet Essentials Workshop Weekend | New York City Ballet

There will be Advanced, Intermediate, and Beginner classes offered. No prior dance experience is required. Students will also have the option to participate in a Half Day or Full Day experience. The Half Day program will include two 1. The Full Day experience continues with the opportunity to be choreographed on for an in studio performance on Saturday, June 6th at Ballet West.

Open classes for adults at NYTB School

For adult recreational dancers, summer isn't just a time for swapping out warm-up sweaters for breezy tees—it's also about taking your training to the next level, and perhaps packing your bags for a ballet workshop. Why should teens and pre-professionals have all of the fun? Can't wait for summer? What can adults expect from a weekend or a week of dance training?
New videos posted every Friday! Click here. All classes are taught by a faculty of top professionals.