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It's basically a body-pos celebration. Ashley Graham basically shook the Internet earlier this week when she posted a nude pregnancy photo showing off the changes her body's currently going through—and people are definitely here for it. In a series of Instagram Stories on Graham's account, she highlighted tons of women across Instagram—28 at the moment, to be exact—who are paying homage to Graham's body positivity by posting their own nude or nearly nude photos. Just in case you need a quick refresher or, you know, just want to see the loveliness that is Graham again , her OG post on Sunday was a super-artsy shot of her naked body from the side, sitting down, with her hand covering her breast. To be clear, not all of the women recreating Graham's photo are pregnant, nor do they need to be.


Ashley Graham Poses Completely Nude While Pregnant on Instagram

She showed off nearly every inch of her growing baby bump, stretch marks and all. Ashley Graham has never held back when it comes to appreciating her body—nor does she hesitate to encourage others to do the same for themselves. In fact, ever since announcing she and husband Justin Ervin are expecting their first child , she's been real AF with her fans about the ups and downs of pregnancy. Whether she's struggling to find maternity leggings that actually fit or practicing yoga poses that help her relieve tension in both mind and body, she's always honest about her experiences. This week, the year-old model shared a nude video of herself , proudly putting her pregnant body—rolls, baby bump, stretch marks, the whole nine—on full display. Several of Graham's celebrity friends applauded her for keeping it real and bringing some much-needed body positivity to their Instagram feeds.

Ashley Graham posts nude photo of her pregnant body — stretch marks and all

I regularly find myself applauding Ashley Graham. Not only is the model an impassioned spokesperson for loving your own body, but she also refuses to be pigeonholed. Which is why it should come as no surprise that Graham just shot a beautiful, and very naked, pregnancy portrait. The model captioned the revealing photo, "open to surrender caught by angel mama cassblackbird. The fact that the photo hasn't been retouched is especially crucial, because the world is all too used to seeing Photoshopped images.
Click here to read the full article. These seven naked and pregnant photos of Ashley Graham send such an empowering message to women out there struggling with the changes pregnancy has brought to their body. For that, and for so much more, Graham is a modern-day hero. On August 18, just a few days after announcing her pregnancy to the world, Graham posted a close-up photo of her naked torso and all its stretch marks.