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Just when the mid-week blues were about to hit us right where it hurts, our pain has miraculously been soothed. And it's all our dreams come true, which is weird because up until this morning we never would have described our dreams like that. Because by the looks of it, our Tom needn't worry about THAT as a problem, what with everything else he's got going on. Anyway, the eight-part series will air later this year, at which point we'll all become martyrs to our cause and cancel any plans which happen to clash with it. His female fans won't be disappointed when they catch him in the programme. Follow Cat on Twitter.

19 pictures of Tom Hardy looking fit. Because we're team players like that.

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Because you're a big fat liar if you say you don't wonder what some sought-after men are packing. The internet is exploding, proving women are just as shamelessly hungry for celebrity nudes as we are. Regardless of your field, part of advancing your career means being willing to go above and beyond, doing things you'd really rather not do. Sometimes you gotta stay late, or work on a weekend. Sometimes, if you're actor Tom Hardy , you have to strip down to your birthday suit and swim in a cold lake for a scene in your new TV series. And sometimes, you have to write about Tom Hardy naked to bring it to the internet's attention. There are no shortcuts to greatness.

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