Taylor swift hairy arms

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Here, we take a look at how underarm hair removal became a trend, why armpit hair is actually not a huge deal, and which celebrities are leading the revolution towards body hair positivity. Over the years, hairless armpits turned into a sign of class and femininity — if you had hairy pits, you were dirty, lazy, and unappealing to men. This drove the majority of women to shave their pits, even though this double standard never applied to men! And even if you seemingly have the longest armpit hair in the world, there really is nothing to be ashamed of.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift says she shaves her legs every day on 'Ellen'

Yes, this is strange and stupid. This is a pointless question. Probably, since famous people usually do. Maybe if you happen to meet her you can feel her arm and see?? Like, seriously, does it really matter?

Taylor Swift says she shaves her legs daily, Twitter is ‘offended’

Plenty of women report being bullied over having fuzzy upper limbs — but are hairy arms so bad? Where did this notion come from? And, has the perception of them changed over the years?
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