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It is a hot afternoon in the dirty little street, so hot that even the puddles left by a monsoon a few hours earlier have already evaporated. In the shade beneath the awning of a bar, men lounge on plastic chairs, sipping beer and talking. Their features and white skins mark them out as foreigners among the bustling brown bodies. Its sole distinguishing feature is that it is lined with brothels full of underage girls. It is a place where paedophiles from all over the world go to indulge themselves. After satiating themselves, they sit back and have a Tiger beer, a Coke, or a plate of spaghetti at one of the bars on the other side of the street.

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Slouched in a black armchair at a rancorous Bangkok press briefing, John Mark Karr looks feeble and spineless. The year-old American wears pleated belt-less khakis pulled up nearly to his rib cage and a tucked-in Aqua-blue golf shirt. Though reporters are shouting questions from a few feet away, he says little. He opens his mouth and then just looks at the reporters.

The Girl from Svay Pak

She has a lap dog named Chica, and her own car that she bought herself. But behind her seemingly charmed life, Sokha hides a dark past from her childhood that still haunts her to this day. Sokha grew up in a poor village near Phnom Penh, the capital city.
This story comes with a disclaimer and a warning. The combination of these subjects became the inspiration for this short story. Well, not exactly. The excuse here is extreme poverty.