Sexy maid costume lingerie

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As far as sexy costumes go, French maid costumes are always on top of the list. You will always spot a female or two sporting that oh-so-skimpy apron on Halloween parties. Do you actually know where this all started? In France, a household that had a maid was considered prestigious. As you can imagine, their uniforms were then the opposite of what is depicted today. They wore high collars, long sleeves and low hemlines without an inch of their skin showing.

Sexy French Maid Costumes

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Add a French flair to your fantasywear with super-sexy French maid costumes from Lingerie Diva. As one of the most popular lingerie costumes ever, the French maid costume is a classic way to honor your naughty alter ego. You can use a sexy maid costume during all your hot role-playing scenarios or as a sexy option for Halloween and cosplay. For bedroom fantasy play, check out our collection of naughty maid outfits with a luxurious, lingerie vibe. Our ultra-popular two-piece maid outfits — featuring sexy bras or corsets with matching panties or skirts — are a great option for role-playing maids who want to leave little up to the imagination.

Maid Costumes

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