Sex toy mishap

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Sex toys serve a pretty simple function in our lives, but of course accidents can happen. Recently we heard of a woman who managed to crash her car while pleasuring herself with a rampant rabbit. Now, we are not here to judge anyone, but it seems pretty obvious that sex toys or everyday objects which people use as sex toys can be dangerous if used with a little too much… imagination. A young man in Croatia had a bright idea a few years ago, but rather than a light bulb appearing above his head, he found one and inserted it into his anus. MORE: Woman crashes her car while pleasuring herself with a sex toy. Kirsten Taylor of Craley, Pennsylvania, and her husband Toby enjoyed putting electrified nipple clamps on each other during their intimate moments, however once while Toby was shocking Kirsten her body was unable to take it and she died.

Seven of the worst and weirdest sex toy accidents

Seven of the worst and weirdest sex toy accidents featuring dildos and cement mixers | Metro News

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Ouch! 7 of the most embarrassing sex toy mishaps on record

Joe Biden and wife Jill test negative for coronavirus. By David K. A British woman misplaced a sex toy before realizing it was lodged inside her backside — still vibrating — forcing doctors to perform emergency surgery.
Join our panel and complete quick surveys for a chance to win monthly prizes! This mum's amazing viral trick will combat sandy toes after a beach trip. The woman, who shared her story on Reddit in a bid to stop others making the same mistake, revealed that she had no idea she'd had a sex toy lodged in her vagina for months. It wasn't until her boyfriend noticed something was wrong while he was pleasuring her that they were able to work out what was wrong. We were fooling around with my boyfriend and he started fingering me.