Sex and submission stories

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Cancel anytime. A dark night. A crowded club. A man and a woman, looking to blow off some steam. Their eyes meet, and they know that tonight is going to be one that they never forget.

Sex & Submission: Erotic Stories

Sex & Submission; 20 Erotic Stories by Cooper Cathryn - PDF Drive

If you've caught yourself saying this before then you should definitely read this. The act of being submissive is not what people assume it to be. In the Oxford Dictionary , submission is defined as, "The action of accepting or yielding to a superior force or to the will or authority of another person". Submission is not forced upon anyone, it is a choice. Those who become submissive have chosen, by themselves, to allow their partner to control them. That has many variations. The point is, it was their decision, from beginning to end.

5 Sex Stories About Submission That Will Make You Say "YES, Master!"

Here is a collection of erotic short stories that offers a fresh focus on erotic writing for women. Whatever your pleasure, you'll love what you hear. Hot sex and fabulous fantasies await your delectation!
By DL Moss. Many of the stories draw from the author's personal experiences in the BDSM Community play spaces, known in the Scene as dungeons, and from private sessions with local Dominants. Experience what it's like to "be there" and enjoy the erotic feelings created by giving up control in a safe and consensual space. It had been a fairly uneventful night.