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Anger and Interpersonal Aggression View all 24 Articles. We review the literature on aggression in women with an emphasis on laboratory experimentation and hormonal and brain mechanisms. Women tend to engage in more indirect forms of aggression e. In laboratory studies, women are less aggressive than men, but provocation attenuates this difference. In the real world, women are just as likely to aggress against their romantic partner as men are, but men cause more serious physical and psychological harm. A very small minority of women are also sexually violent.

What Experts Know About Men Who Rape

Mental health assessment of rape offenders

In , a Ph. He sat by his phone, skeptical that it would ring. Smithyman, now 72 and a clinical psychologist in South Carolina. By the end of the summer, Dr.

Aggression in Women: Behavior, Brain and Hormones

Sexual aggression is a global, ongoing problem, and it is most often perpetrated by men against women. The first of our studies, with heterosexual British men recruited online, established a correlational link between dehumanization and rape proclivity. Dehumanization was also related to unfavorable attitudes toward rape victims.
There is an urgent need for development of methods of assessment and management of sex offenders rapists, child sex offenders, other sexual offenders, and murderers to mount a society-wide battle against the scourge of sexual offences in India. This paper provides an overview of theories, models, and assessment methods of rapists. It draws upon literature from psychiatry, psychology, criminology, probation, and ethics to provide a framework for understanding reasons behind rape, how mental health issues are implicated, what mental health professionals can do to contribute to crime management, and why this is ethically right and proper. India has a major problem with sexual crimes against women, which is on the rise rapidly NCRB [ Figure 1 ]. It ranks in the bottom five nations globally when it comes to safety of women according to a recent Gallup poll www.