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As one of the fastest-growing fields around, digital marketing is a popular destination for young professionals. It is estimated that there are , open digital marketing jobs today. With attractive pay and the chance to work at the leading edge of e-commerce, competition for web analytics and other digital marketing roles is intense, and it pays to be well-prepared. Getting a digital marketing certification can significantly flatten the learning curve for anyone looking to build a career in this domain.

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But thanks to Web Analytics tools, number-crunching and making sense of data has become quite simple! What used to be the exclusive sidekick of Data Scientists has now become a friend of every digital marketer. Web Analytics is about figuring out what works and what does not. It helps figure out actionable tactics and aids in making informed decisions while planning the next move. Advanced Web Analytics Training. Before I tell you anything about these tools, you need to know a few basics that might help you along the way. Before you press the buttons for change on the basis of your assumptions, just wait for a second.

10 Best Web Analytics Tools: How to Make The Most of it?

Webinar How to scale content creation with Video Brand Studio. Get the latest updates on Europe's leading branding conference, hosted by Bynder. See how you can control the usage and rights of digital assets with Digital Asset Management. Effective file management is critical for a smooth-operating content lifecycle. Many businesses are just starting to truly understand the real value of analytics when it comes to online marketing and the business user.
Understanding competitor web traffic can give you ideas for your own digital marketing campaigns, allow you to see opportunities to attract new visitors, or even show you what channels you may or may not be using effectively. Below are just a few free tools that you can begin using immediately. TagInspector is also a free tool, which was developed by InfoTrust to audit and display tags firing across an entire website. For example, if you search your competitor's site and see that AdWords or Doubleclick tags are firing, this gives you a solid indication they are running PPC campaigns and perhaps display or otherwise sophisticated campaigns since Doubleclick requires certain level of spend.