Nude lips for black women

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I distinctly remember being a preteen and perusing the drugstore beauty aisle with my mom. My love for makeup started beyond my preteen years with products like royal-blue mascara and jet-black eyeliner. But at one point in my youth, I got lovestruck by lipstick and felt the urge to own one in every shade. However, a quick glance at the limited shades available at my local drugstore made me realize that the quest to find a lipstick that'd look good on my dark skin tone would not be easy.

The Black Beauty Guide: How To Choose The Right Nude Lipstick For Dark Skin

Nude Lipstick Perfect for Black Women - Seriously Natural

Whenever I picture the perfect nude lip, I think back to the 60s mod era. A time where statement eye make-up was never complete without a subdued salmon-pink or biscuit-beige pout. The catch? Lip products that are branded in this way are often far from a one-size-fits-all solution, especially when you've got a darker skin tone. So searching for shades that fit and flatter our diverse melanin levels can sometimes feel like mission impossible. First you've got to get familiar with the natural colouring of your lips. Black and Asian women tend to be more prone to pigmentation, which has an impact on the texture and tone of your skin.

7 Lipstick Brands That Have The Best Nudes For Black Women

Nude lipsticks are the beauty equivalent of a classic white T-shirt or jeans , and for me, therein lies the problem. I've never actually worn this official cool-girl uniform, as I'm more of a fan of leopard midi skirts and blister-inducing heels. Same goes for my more adventurous beauty outlook, and as a result, my lipstick investigations have never taken me into the nude shade spectrum my extensive collection is made up of mostly postbox reds or rich clarets. But after using a few recently, I'm ready to fully sashay into the world of nude lipsticks. First of all, we've been hoodwinked when it comes to defining what nude actually is.
We rounded up the best natural beauty enhancing shades, with a bonus: Most are available at drugstores. Or, you know, you can buy them online and have them shipped to you—that is, if you like getting nudes in the mail. Wink, wink. This set of four full sized lipsticks was one of Oprah's Favorite Things in Oprah said, "I believe in truth, justice, and a great nude lip.