Nude kayaking

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For those who enjoy paddling down a river, or across a lake or chasing a shark in a canoe or kayak. Share your experience or encounter even if it's with the game warden. I love to kayak on lakes at night. It is real peaceful with no jet skies, waterskiing or fishing boats on the water. Just before I get in the kayak I get naked except life vest. The best is with no moon so that you can see all the stars.

Skinny Dipping

Nude Kayaking and Canoeing | Nudeyman

For the record, I'm not what one would call a nudist. I don't sleep nude or hang around camp exposing myself to the elements. I just choose to swim without any clothes on. I always have.

8 Things That Happen On An All-Women’s River Trip

According to Nude and Natural editor Mark Storey, there are no federal laws against swimming naked. However local and state laws take precedence even on federal land, and nudist-nazi national park and forest supervisors are free to make their own freedom-hating regulations. State laws also vary; California and Florida have lots of public nude beaches, whereas the Dakotas, Montana, and Idaho have stronger laws. Another secret: bring naked women. Would Eddy like to join the Seattle-based Storeys for a nude paddle of Puget sound?
Apart from nude bushwalking one of my favourite activities is nude kayaking or canoeing, this is my documentation of my mishaps and adventures.. I have had the chance to do quite a few paddling trips up rivers and around dams etc. My first inflatable canoe on a sandbar up the river very poor camera phone photo. First I took the canoe to a remote dam in the mountains, quite a picturesque location it was too, the dam is an old disused one that was constructed to store water for steam trains travelling over the mountains I believe..