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Vanilla is prone to be misunderstood because she rarely expresses her emotions. In fact, she is quite smart and often makes some remarkable insights. However, she remains both kind-hearted and, well, catlike. In contrast to her twin Chocola, Vanilla's ears, tail and hair are primarily white with a subtle pink undertone. She has blue eyes which are often slightly squinted, and her hair is tied up and styled as twin tails supported by a blue ribbon strand.

Nekopara vol 1 | Part 9 | Chocola in heat

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She tends to leap into action before fully thinking things through. Despite her clumsy moments, her go-getter attitude earns plenty of love from everybody around her. Chocola has long brunette hair in two twintails with two small ribbons a top her head, matching her red and white dress, with stockings and pink shoes, brighter than the other colors she wears. She receives a silver colored Bell although it is not mentioned what corresponding rank or status comes with the color a catgirl obtains after taking her bell exam.

Nekopara 18+ Edition Part 11 (Chocola In Heat)

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