My neighbor is a yandere?

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Category: Amateur
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My Neighbor is a Yandere!? by Maranyo - Game Jolt

Take the role of Seijuro, meet your lovely yandere neighbor Nanase and discover the truth in this Visual Novel that features:. Log in with itch. Waiting for chapter Nope, just PC. You can access Android versions of Chapter 1 and 2 by joining our Patreon. This is the relatively Sfw version.

My Neighbor is a Yandere!?

Seijuro, a normal guy in his twenties, wakes up in a room he doesn't remember from a coma after a mysterious accident that happened seven years ago. With almost no recollection of his memories and past, he meets his gorgeous neighbor Nanase, who apparently took care of him all this time. She looks like a good and kind girl at first sight, but it seems that she has taken some drastic and rather extreme measures during all this time. It's up to you and your own decisions to believe her or not to recover Seijuro's memories and unveil the mystery that surrounds this girl and her actions.
For some people this might be something that happens often, perhaps daily, but for our protagonist it is the first occurence. These opening moments help define what you can expect from My Neighbor is a Yandere!? In its simplest meaning, yandere is used to describe someone who has a loving intent but can quickly become aggressive and often homicidal.