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He accuses her of being a traitor and demands to know the location of the secret technical plans of the Death Star , the Galactic Empire 's most powerful weapon. Later, Vader has her tortured, but she resists telling him anything. Still believing she could be useful, the Death Star's commander Grand Moff Tarkin threatens to destroy Alderaan with the super weapon unless she reveals the location of the hidden Rebel base. She lies to them, and Tarkin orders Alderaan to be destroyed anyway. When they finally escape at the expense of Obi-Wan's life sacrificed in a duel with Vader , they take part in the Battle of Yavin , in which Luke destroys the Death Star in his X-wing fighter. In the Massassi Temple at the hidden Rebel base on Yavin 4 , the radiant Princess presents the Alderaanian Medal of Freedom to her rescuers and the heroes of the battle.

Leia Skywalker Organa Solo

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In the story, Leia and Rebel pilot Evaan Verlainem attempt to rescue the survivors of the planet Alderaan 's destruction from the Empire. At the time considered the weakest of three initial comics, Princess Leia received generally positive reviews. The issues were collected in a trade paperback, released November 3, At the medal ceremony at the end of Star Wars: A New Hope , Princess Leia of Alderaan says a few words in remembrance of her destroyed planet, but is criticized for her seeming lack of emotion. She learns that the Empire is hunting any surviving citizens of Alderaan, and the bounty on her own head precludes her from actively participating with the Rebellion. Leia convinces the Rebel pilot and royalist Evaan Verlainem to accompany her and R2-D2 on a mission to find and protect the remaining Alderaanians. The Order have a cloister vow to only interact with other Alderaanians in order to keep their musical culturally pure, and their leader Pareece has kept the knowledge of Alderaan's destruction from them.

Princess Leia

Princess Leia Organa [a] [b] is a fictional character in the Star Wars franchise, portrayed in films by Carrie Fisher. Introduced in the original Star Wars film [c] in , Leia is princess of the planet Alderaan , a member of the Imperial Senate and an agent of the Rebel Alliance. She thwarts the sinister Sith lord Darth Vader and helps bring about the destruction of the Empire's cataclysmic superweapon, the Death Star.
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