Laos suck

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Mountainous and landlocked Laos, known as the "Battery of Asia", is building dozens of dams at breakneck speed so it can sell energy to power-hungry neighbours as a fast track out of poverty. But the communist country's ambitious power plans are highly controversial. Most energy is exported to neighbouring countries Vietnam, Cambodia and China, with the lion's share going to Thailand—whose Bangkok mega-malls alone suck up huge amounts of power. That leaves local communities with little of the revenue from projects that often require compulsory resettlement of hundreds of villages and reshape the landscape and river systems. The dam collapse this week in southern Laos that left at least 26 dead and scores missing has shed light on the perils of the country's big bet on hydropower.

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L andlocked, communist, studded with limestone spires and gilded temples, riddled with caves and home to rare wildlife, Laos has a unique charm for adventurous travellers. They relish its sleepy atmosphere, charming people and the sharp contrast with Thailand or Vietnam. With long distances and less-than-great roads this is one of the least-developed countries in south-east Asia , river and air transport make sense. Laos is popular with bicyclists, kayakers and bikers, too. The main international gateway to Laos is Luang Prabang, and as no one visits Laos for the first time without soaking up the essence of this city, our two-week itinerary starts here. From here, the royal family ruled the Kingdom of a Million Elephants, founded in Its exquisite Buddhist temples, Royal palaces and French colonial buildings are now blended with restaurants and roadside cafes, all swagged in bougainvillea.

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My slow boat journey to Luang Prabang can definitely be described as being less than amazing. So when we finally arrived in town, I was mentally and physically drained and I had decided I wanted to spend the next few days in an extremely fancy hotel. I needed to rest and recover and there was no way I was going to be able to do so in a 10 bed dorm room. With this in mind, my friends and I made our first mistake when we stepped onto dry land and immediately decided to go with the first tout who met us off the boat. Big mistake.