I jized in my pants

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Top definition. Jizzed in my pants. To screw up something that was a sure thing. Hey how'd your calc test go? Not good.

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Urban Dictionary: Jizz in my pants

Jizz In My Pants is a slang phrase often used to express that the individual presumably male, has prematurely ejaculated in their underpants, most likely caused by something provocative and erotic, although not entirely the case. The phrase came from The Lonely Island's song of the same name. The song itself has spawned multiple parodies, and has mutated into its own image macro series wherein the text 'jizz in my pants' is captioned on an image with an individual scrunching their face, normally used as reaction images. It serves as the music video for the first single from The Lonely Island's debut album, Incredibad. Just days after the release of the music video on Youtube, several Urban Dictionary entries for the term were created. One definition aptly describes 'jizz in my pants' as "The act of ejaculating in one's trousers.

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You're right, "jizz" is not so nice language. It is slang for ejaculate or semen. You seriously did not just ask that question! Some of the entries are very funny! Lol I liked this one the best ;.
Top definition. Jizz in my pants. The video opens with Samberg singing in a night club.