How to cum no hands

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Male orgasms come in all shapes and sizes. You obviously know about the standard ejaculatory orgasm, and you probably know about the prostate orgasm. You may even know something about the pelvic orgasm and the blended ejaculatory and prostate orgasm. But have you ever thought about a hands-free male orgasm? It might be just what you need to spice things up.

Hands-Free Orgasms: How to Cum Without Using Your Hands

Hands-Free Orgasms: How to Cum Without Using Your Hands - School Of Squirt

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If you want to experience some of the best orgasms ever , you need to go hands-free! Sadly, not many people know the secret to experiencing a hands-free orgasm. Some people have never experienced one before and are skeptical that zero-touch orgasms are even possible. This means anything else is fair game! Now, for the second definition — an orgasm that involves no physical stimulation whatsoever.
Hi I just want to know if anybody out there can cum without touching? I have tried but can't quite get there! Any tips? I can - kegels with my legs crossed, haha!