Hidden camera in changing room

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Shopping can be a stressful situation considering that you have to be in a crowded place and deal with a lot of bright lights and noise. However, the truth is that you might not be alone. We are used to cameras and expect there to be hidden ones in the store in open areas. However, there is a reasonable expectation that when you will have privacy when you walk into a dressing room. Incredibly, many states actually allow cameras in fitting rooms , and plenty of retailers take advantage of this loss prevention method. According to Legal Beagle , there are only 13 states that do not allow surveillance cameras in dressing rooms.

3 Ways To Quickly Test If There Is A Hidden Camera In Your Fitting Room

Man in custody for setting up camera inside Target dressing room in Auburn Hills, police say

Hidden cameras in dressing rooms and changing rooms are unfortunately a common occurrence, particularly as surveillance technology comes down in price and goes up in power and functionality at the same time. But the most important thing that you can do in this situation is NOT panic. Even if it takes you a couple of minutes, this extra effort is still more than worth it when you consider what might be at stake in this most intimate of locations. One of the most effective ways to check to see if there is a hidden camera in your changing room is also, thankfully, one of the easiest.

Man in custody for setting up camera inside Target dressing room in Auburn Hills, police say

According to a Facbook post, when a year-old swim instructor noticed a suspicious tissue box after she changed out of her swimsuit. When she inspected the tissue box, she found a camera inside of it. The owner of the business, Swimtastic, called the police to tell them they found a hidden camera. The year-old who found the camera also alerted another employee who then went into the locker room reportedly destroyed the camera.
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