Guatemalan girls sex

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She also is the mother of a baby she bore at age 14 when she had sex with her teacher but did not know where babies came from. Guatemala has one of the highest rates of teen pregnancy in Latin America, putting girls on a path to poverty and dependence rather than school or decent work. Government statistics cited by Planned Parenthood Federation recorded more than 5, pregnancies by girls under 14 in - and in four out of five cases the offender was a close relative such as a father, uncle or grandparent. One quarter of the children in Guatemala were born to adolescent mothers in the last five years, data shows. Ignorance about reproduction is rooted in traditional culture and teachings of the Catholic Church and evangelical churches, where girls learn that talk of sex is shameful or forbidden, said volunteers with mentoring program Abriendo Oportunidades Opening Opportunities.

Kept in the dark about sex, girls in Guatemala suffer consequences

Guatemalan girls and boys deserve better sexual education | D+C - Development + Cooperation

Please register, and you will get it every month. That was true both of current as well as previous relationships. Making matters worse, even those who were appropriately informed either did not feel the need to use contraceptives or could not afford to buy any. Many teenage girls, moreover, stated that their partners did not allow them to use contraceptives. Girls are also at risk of being sexually abused by family members. Teenage motherhood limits their personal growth and thwarts their professional ambitions. Typically, they are expelled from schools and colleges.

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I cried when I read this. I promise to pray for the females especially but for all Guatemalans. Oh Lord be merciful and help them. Hi Karen, Thank you for your message. Yes, the reality is shocking, scary and sad.
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