Forest of the blue skin

Duration: 12min 13sec Views: 1223 Submitted: 13.08.2020
Category: Amateur
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Forest Of The Blue Skin

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Forest of The Blue Skin is an erotic animated game in which your character fights hordes of enemies who attempt to rape him. It is a side-scrolling 2D platformer game with sexual elements. You are Kuro, a boy who is charged with capturing monster girls and bringing the girls to the village. All the monsters are gorgeous, well-built females that you can have sex with.
Hotel Biplan is an old airplane-themed place. The guy who checked us in was super nice, recommending all kinds of things on a map of the town, and saying several times if we needed anything to just ask. Checking in at Hotel Biplan. I checked my BG at 6:00 pm - 196. We walked all the way across town, through yellow streetlights and large dark square buildings along wide, empty, cold streets to a restaurant called Gubernators the hotel guy had recommended.