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The Hurun lists of the richest women on the Chinese mainland and the world's richest self-made women were released Wednesday. The list is made up of the 50 richest women selected from China's Hurun Rich List which has women in its 1, richest people in China, accounting for The average age of the 50 richest Chinese women is 48, three years younger than the overall figure of the Hurun Rich List The average wealth of the listed women is 9. The real estate industry remains the biggest source of wealth for the 50 richest Chinese women, with 18 coming from this industry and six among the top Guangdong province is home to the headquarters of 10 listed women's companies, more than any other region in China, followed by Beijing with nine and Zhejiang with six.

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Chinese Id Card Number (Resident Identity Card) Generator

The name you use when you create your account must exactly match other than accents or apostrophes the name on the ID document you bring to the test center. If the names don't match, you won't be able to take the test, and your test fee won't be refunded. Your ID requirements depend on where you plan to take the test and your citizenship. Review both the country-specific and general ID requirements below. Note: The information below applies to testing in Mainland China only.
According to the second chapter, tenth clause of the Resident Identity Card Law , residents are required to apply for resident identity cards from the local Public Security Bureau , sub-bureaus or local executive police stations. Prior to , citizens within the People's Republic of China were not required to obtain or carry identification in public. The first generation identification cards were single paged cards made of polyester film. Between and , trials for the new identity card system took place in Beijing , Shanghai and Tianjin.